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March 18 2017

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I am done

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Did CNN just endorse child labor? 🤔

late stage capitalism

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March 17 2017



A follow-up on this. =X

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bloody british immigrants, taking jobs from hardworking europeans

Jamaican poet Kei Miller wrote a very interesting essay about the difference between the ‘immigrant’ and the ‘expat’ which concluded with this:

My problem with the word ‘immigrant’ is that I am only an immigrant because I am Jamaican and I am black. I watch shows on British television of Britons who want to move to ‘A Place in the Sun’ – to a small village in France, or Morocco, or even Jamaica. Their impulses are the same as the woman from Kingston or the man from Lagos who moves to the UK. No one migrates for a worse life. But when the British pack their bags and leave they become Expats, not Immigrants. What a thing! The same process. The same act. But different words. Immigrants are not equal to Expats. Immigration is a problem; expatriation isn’t. Immigrants are expected to always be grateful, but a little bit angry. Expats are allowed to just be – to simply enjoy this new country that they have chosen to live in, and which they might very well choose to leave. The expat is allowed to be a savvy, cosmopolitan person who simply lives somewhere else than the place in which they were born and they don’t have to appear on panel after panel angsting about it all.

March 16 2017

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things that they won't teach you in school

1. skeletor isn’t wearing a blue body suit, that is his skin

2. skeletor isn’t a skeleton, he just had his face burned off 

3. skeletor isn’t actually undead

4. before skeletor had his face burned off, he looked like this


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Mass Effect: Andromeda (2017)

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Remember when that cop pepper-sprayed students in 2011? UC Davis paid $175K to scrub it from the internet’s memory https://t.co/5prbgrx1WL

— Xeni (@Xeni) April 14, 2016

Nice try fuckers.

$175K wasted with every reblog.

Let’s sure they DON’T get their money’s worth.

March 14 2017



A really amazing D&D/Pathfinder table. I can’t fathom how long this took to make. I would love to play a game on this!

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i almost didn’t reblog this because i was like “oh just another nude lady swordfight, not that interesting” and then i remembered that not everyone has my life.

more information on nude lady swordfights and why they were a thing

Recommended reading.

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“The Devil Went Down To Georgia” White Trash Washing Machine Cover

That’s just. Amazing.


this is awesome

This is literally the futuristic version of washboard music. Is that not just fucking amazing? We had dudes playing washboards to accompany music since the early days of blues and zydeco and today we’re sitting here watching someone using a washing machine in the exact same way. Imagine being some old fella playing a washboard with thimbles in a little jug-and-tea-chest outfit back in the 20s, imagine if someone told you that in about 100 years time, some kid would be using a machine that will replace the washboard to serve the exact same purpose.

This shit is why I’m such a giant music nerd.

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I can honestly say these gentlemen are enjoying fighting far too much for their own good.

Edited to add this from the reblogs:

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