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I just signed up to a website called bodbot and honestly? Bless the people who put this together.

They give you all these little fitness tests to see what your range of motion is so they don’t throw shit at you that’s going to hurt you to start with. They give you exercises to increase your range of motion and stuff. They also let you tailor it like if you exercise at home or at a gym. If you want to exclude some exercises. If you have certain equipment. It’s really nice and for once I found a work out that isn’t like “here do all this shit your body just can’t do anymore oh also make sure you have a fuckton of equipment to do it”

There’s a nutrition service too but it’s like $10 a month to add.

Right now I’m just happy to see a work out listing and think “Okay, this I can do.”

They also do flexibility and posture tests and they let you specify if there’s a part of your body that needs gentle care like man my knees need help so I can ask for things that are gentle on my knee joints.

ALSO if you’re overweight (like me) they specify that they try to give you things that won’t over stress your joints and stuff too. They take into account a lot of things it’s cool:

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