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give me a grey makeup pencil and some white face paint and i could recreate the su*cide sq*ads look easily but do u know how complicated it would be for me to make the alien makeup of beyond? itd take years of training, and then weeks upon weeks of work to perfect the prosthetics, hours to put on the actors faces seamlessly………….im salty

You’re not the only one

This took 5 hours in the chair every day…shut up.

And I quote from the person who was the head of making the FIFTY SIX DIFFERENT aliens costumes.

“Each one of those characters had to be treated like a hero main character. On days when you had 20, 30 of these characters playing, you really had to have competent makeup application artists on-set to deliver them “

20 TO 30 on multiple days. 

For example

“For the generic characters, there was a lot of pieces, sometimes upwards of six, seven, eight silicon, overlapping prosthetics that you have to apply in sequence, and blend off, and then tie in the paint job or the patterning or whatever it is. I would think the shortest amount of time that anybody spent in the chair was probably two hours, and the longest was the Natalia character at the end of the film, and that was about six and a half, seven hours”.

So shortest. 2. Longest. SEVEN.

They spent hours, on JUST background characters. JUST THE BACKGROUND. Not even the main people. That is how much detail Star Trek put in.

For example!

Not to mention, the various stages Idris Elba had to go through. Because his wasn’t just one look. Krall’s face had multiple looks throughout the film.

And remember, there 53 other aliens I haven’t even mentioned.

Croc does look good. Can’t say he doesn’t OF COURSE he does. 

But for all that is good.

56 brand new aliens. 20-30 would be worked on on the same day, multiple times. 2 to 7 hours of work ON EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.OF.THEM.

Yeah, people are upset for a damn good reason. And telling to shut up over your croc when you haven’t even considered goolging is childs play. Not to mention!!! How it was revealed the sexiest votes SS got because of Harley Quinn!! Which means, the Oscars didn’t even care about Croc! [Source]

So please. Just don’t.

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